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Water Features

When it comes to water features, we are adept in ponds and waterfalls, and although they can be a costly proceedure, they truly do enhance a garden environment as they add a natural feature of water to a property, allowing for a diversity of wildlife and fish, alongside the relaxing noise of flowing water in a garden. We can install water features using butyl liners, but in all cases, we suggest using prefabricated ponds of a high density polyethylene or fibre glass nature as they commonly come with a lengthy, if not lifetime guarentee, and in terms of durability, there are non better and they are far more resistant to both the elements, and general wear. We use numerous preformed ponds ranges, including those from the Bermuda, Oase, Lotus, Atlantis and Blagdon ranges

Additionally, we can impart advice on pond construction, lighting, pond edgings, rockeries, waterfalls, cascades and equipment such as pumps and algae control methods. To help keep a pond healthy, we suggest using ultra violet clarifiers and electronic algae controllers in the pond system, alongside a series of algea clearing products that can be dosed into the water. There are also many forms of plants and decorations that can be included within a ponds design. If you are planning on introducing fish into your pond, we highly recommend encorporating a netting system to sheet over the feature to ensure natural predators such as herons cannot take the livestock away. In addition to the installation of water features, we can also provide.pond cleaning and maintenance.

For more information on preformed ponds, and other pond products, you can follow the links below:

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