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Turfing & Lawns

In our landscaping duties, we offer our customers lawn services from preparation to finish, from high - low grades of turf. With regards to quality, we recommend Rolawn Medallion or Cultivated Rootzone Ryegrass. For a hard wearing turf a cultivated turf is suitable. Adversely, for an area of utility ground, a meadow turf would be suitable.


Rolawn Medallion - This turf is a multi-purpose, high quality ryegrass/fescue turf, that is specially cultivated to produce a lawn with an outstanding fine leafed appearance, that is hard wearing, slow growing, easy to maintain and drought tolerant. It is recommended on par with cultivated rootzone ryegrass as the best turf suitable for a domestic application, giving the appearance similar to what you would find on a bowling green.


Cultivated Rootzone Ryegrass/TTS2 - This is a ryegrass turf similar to dwarf perennial ryegrass, but produced to a slightly higher standard. It is grown on a sand-based Rootzone and has been subjected to a more rigorous maintenance regime. Durable and hardwearing, this turf would not look out of place in any prestigious landscaping application and is recommended on par with Rowlawn Medallion as the best turf suitable for a domestic application.


Cultivated Ryegrass/TTS1 - This is a dwarf perennial ryegrass turf suitable for domestic lawns and commercial landscaping. It is a cultivated turf grown to a standard that suits a large majority or turfing applications and is a good quality turf. 


Meadow Turf - This turf is suitable for a domestic lawn or a large commercial landscape situation. It is fully weed treated and fertilised, and is additionally the cheapest turf type available as it is a low - mid range quality.

After Care

Your new lawn increases your property value significantly. With proper care, it will remain a great asset, providing beauty, a clean playing surface, and an improved environment. We advise that for the first three weeks after a new lawn has been laid, to avoid heavy or concentrated use of your new lawn. Do not mow it in this time as a lawnmower will rip up the newly laid turf rolls, and to promote rooting, regularly water the turf. This gives the roots an opportunity to firmly knit with the soil, and insures that the turf will remain smooth, whilst promoting growth.


Thereafter, mow often, generally removing no more than 1/3 of the grass height. To ensure the grass gets the best cut possible, keep your mower blade sharp to help keep a uniform height.

Topsoil & Bark

When turfing, levelling or seeding a lawn, we use a fine blended topsoil that has been screened to 20 mm in order to promote suitable earthed conditions for growth, whilst also allowing for an ease of levelling.

In addition, we offer the use of bark mulch to our customers, as it is ideal for general purpose landscaping, providing both ground cover, alongside supporting weed suppression and moisture retention


We are familiar with operating within the areas of Derby, Cannock, Stafford, Lichfield, Whittington, Rugeley, Sutton Coldfield, Four Oaks, Walsall, Yoxhall, Longdon, Armitage, Burntwood, Streetly, Little Aston, Brownhills, Shenstone, Stonnall, Kings Bromley, Abbots Bromley, Barton Under Needwood, Fradley, Alrewas and Burton upon Trent. We will also provide free quotations to all projects in close vacinities to these areas and will happily quote for projects at a further distance for a nominal rate.

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