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Patios & Paving

A common garden design alteration to reinvigorate life back into a garden resides within a patio area. Throughout Derby, Lichfield, Rugeley, Burton on Trent, Sutton Coldfield and Staffordshire, we have implemented various new patio's, paths and paved areas for our clients.


There are numerous types of patio slabs and paving products available in the market that vary in colour and texture, which means there is always a product to suit any garden.


Such manufacturers include established companies such as Bradstone and Marshalls, to local suppliers that offer alternative products. We install all types of paving, whether porcelain, granite, slate or concrete pavers and will happily advise on products to give a patio design that will compliment your garden requirements.

Random Patios

Continually increasing in popularity, one of the most favoured styles of paving design comes in the form of the the random patio as it consists of different sizes of paving slab laid together in a random pattern. 

English Bond Pattern

The English bond pattern is one of a staggered nature that due to it's design, allows for the break up in the viewing of a patios asthetics. Looking similar to how most brickwork is offset, it allows customers to ensure they do not have a uniform pattern in their patio, even when using paving products of all one size. 

Herringbone Pattern and Stepping Stones

Another form of paving comes in the form of the herringbone pattern. This is one of a horizontal and vertical nature, similar to that which is commonly found on block paving in driveways. It is most commonly laid at 45, and 90 degree angles to utilise this pattern type and allows another form of design for a customer to utilise.

Additionally, we also provide to installation and supply of stepping stones so that our customers have the option to have other elements such as turf, wood chippings, slate or gravel between each step in their outdoor surroundings.

Product links

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