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Garden Maintenance

At Mighty Oaks, we are able to offer a maintenance service which suits every gardens needs and upkeep requirements. When regular maintenance is needed, most gardens are booked in for weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits to keep a garden looking at it's best. A purely lawn based service can also be provided if that is the only task a customer requires. In addition, we also provide quarterly, six month or annual visits in relation to the pruning of trees and shrubs.


We can offer both maintenance and manecure visits to our customers, where maintenance refers to keeping a garden tidy and at low levels, and manecure refers to making a garden as prestigious as it can be, ensuring all aspects of the garden flourish and are kept to the highest levels possible.

Full Garden Tidy Ups

Our full garden tidy ups in the Derby area, provide an invaluable garden revival package as many of our customers find their circumstances have changed, with time often being diverted to other priorities in their life. Whether a garden has seen neglect due to age limitations, an injury, a recent addition to the family or work challenges, we are able to help. This service is one where a garden has suffered and looks unkept, requiring a full garden tidy up, which compounds many of our maintenance duties into one visit, such as shrub pruning, hedge trimming, mowin or even garden clearance. Ultimately the aim of this service is to restore a gardens integrity by transforming a jungle, back into a useable outdoor area and it’s surprising how basic pruning, lawn care and tidying up, can transform your garden, whilst additionally adding value to your house, and giving a ‘cared for’  presence to a property.

Lawn Cutting

Mighty Oaks offer a mowing service as it is one of the most important tasks in maintaining a healthly lawn. Getting the cutting height and mowing frequency right can make a huge difference to the ongoing health of a lawn.We can offer a general cut, or give our customers a striped lawn to make a lawn more impressive. Our advice on cutting frequency is as follows:

-Over summer we suggest mowing twice a week in optimum conditions, dropping to once a week during periods of drought.

-Over spring and autumn: Mow once a week.

-Over winter mowing is usually not needed, unless the weather is mild and the grass is still growing. Under these conditions,     we suggest mowing only when necessary

Hedge Trimming

A common garden maintenance task we undertake is hedge trimming, where we keep shrubbery concise and at a respective height that fulfils a customers needs. There are two hedge types which fall into this category, "formal" and "informal". Formal hedges require trimming to keep them dense and compact, and are usually cut two or three times a year as they require more frequent trimming than informal hedges. We cut formal hedges in a method where the base is wider than the top so that light can reach the bottom of the hedge (also known as cutting the hedge to a batter). Informal hedges are usually only cut once a year as the aim for this type of hedge trimming is to remove misplaced shoots and cut back the hedge to its required size.

Tree Surgery

Our experienced, qualified tree surgery staff are able to offer tree cutting, pruning, crowning, stump grinding, wood chipping and felling services for trees, bushes and shrubs of all sizes.

Pressure Washing

Patio's, driveways, decking and stone based surfaces look outstanding when first laid, but over the course of time, both pollution and weather can leave all of these products looking worse for wear. Using high pressure washing equipment, we can rid even the most stubborn moss, algae, lichen and weeds from a surface. Our equipment has various attachments that enable us to restore your surface to a clean state, making others believe the product is new.

In conjunction with this, we also offer a roof cleaning restoration service that removes all unsightly moss, algae, lichen and general stubborn airborn pollutants. We start the process by ensuring all health and safety set ups are undertaken. Then downspouts are either blocked or disconnected to prevent pipes and drains from becoming blocked, and any flower bedding and lawns are covered with a sheeting.

Before the roof cleaning process is started. If your roof is mossy, we will inform your neighbours of the works being undertaken as there is a potential for moss balls to be blasted over into their property, so they will be reassured that we will clean up any mess.

If it is also needed, we can put you in touch with a qualified, and well experiened roofer who can replace broken tiles, inspect leadworks, and repoint ridges, hips, eaves and valleys for you.

When considering this service, we highlight to our customers that the presence of algae stains and moss does not necessarily mean they need a new roof. In many cases where leaking is not an issue, the roof needs is a good professional clean to restore its original look and colour. Many roofers and roofing companies don't like the spread of this knowledge, as a new roof is quite a costly proceedure, but if you are told that you need a new roof due to your existing one being covered in moss or algae staining, we can provide you with a free quote on the matter and hopefully save you thousands of pounds.

Leaf Blowing

Fallen leaves can eventually start to build up and prevent sunlight from reaching the grass and borders of a property. If left for a prolonged duration, a pile of rotting leaves left on a lawn will begin to turf the turf yellow, and eventually cease turf growth. We offer a services which helps maintain a lawns integrity, providing a leaf blowing service which removes the leaf debris, then bagging and removing the waste. This results in the turf being kept at optimum conditions as it reduces the amount of shade cast over a lawn, whilst providing a thriving environment for plant matter to effectively seed within, allowing plant material to fully photosynthesise with sunlight.


When planting new trees, shrubs and other forms of foliage, we factor in a series of considerations such as root health, weather, soil conditions and aftercare. We avoid planting in waterlogged or frozen conditions, whilst optimising a plants root health by working a series of products into the ground to promote a plants healt and growth. We also ensure that the soil moisture levels are suitable for the plant matter, so it is not subject to excessive/insufficient watering, and additionally airate the ground, which in turn promotes further growth. 

We advise that planting is most effective when done between the months of October and April. Although, container grown plants can be planted any time of the year, but are easier to care for when planted in autumn or winter, as they need less watering than ones planted in our warmer seasons.Bare root and rootballed trees/shrubs are only available for planting in autumn and winter, so that we can guarentee the plant will grow healtily. Due to the circumstances different jobs demand, we generally order the plant materials at a time where they can be planted immediately, but if this is not possible, we will do a process where we heel in the plant matter, temporarily planting them in soil to prevent the roots drying out, and permenantly plant them thereafter. When permenantly planting, we understand that weeds, lawns and other vegetation can intercept water before it reaches the roots of newly planted foliage. Therefore we ensure in our planting service, to provide a clear area around the plant matter to eliminate any baring of these problems.


A weed is defined as a valueless plant that has grown from the wild on cultivaled lands, They are undesirable and troublesome forms of plant matter, due to their resilience, profuse growth rates and detrimental ability to injure/reduce other desirable plant growths. We offer a service to weed and dig over borders, taking weeds out at the root, alongside being able to additionally use a series of products to hinder weed growth, making a garden more weed free in turn. 

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