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Garden Design

When considering garden design, we provide all our customers with a free quote, and specifically listen to the ideas they put forward for their garden. We impart advice that subsequently helps to formulate a plan, alongside elaborating on suitable product types and materials to use for each task. This enables us to help bring a clients ideas to life and enhance an outdoor environment to the surroundings a customer desires. We ensure that a client understands the processes involved with the duties at hand, alongside the pro's & cons of using certain materials and aim to deliver the best customer service possible, whilst also priding ourselves on the quality of our work. We ensure that we give our customers legal reassurence in our ability, by providing them with a signed contract, listing the respective duties that have been agreed by both parties. 

We undertake all aspects of the work ourselves, from clearing the garden of all undesirable features, prepping the garden, and finally, installing the new products and features to completion.

To go into further detail, the first process in landscape design, is to clear out unwanted shrubbery, lawn, concrete, paving or whatever else is classed as an undesirable feature. Thereafter, we undertake the preparation stage for the garden, where we set the garden to the required levels. The next stage to follow is where we lay down any base materials required, followed by the product. Planting is generally the final feature as we ensure the soil is suitable for planting, then supply and plant a variety of foliage to flower at different times of the year, giving the garden a continuous colour scheme throughout the year.

Garden Features In Brief

As you will know, there are many products which can be installed into a garden to maximise an outdoor surrounding. We have listed below a short brief of what these items can offer, other than colour and design.

- Patio's and paths provide suitable walkways and areas for furniture to reside
- Level lawns create an area for children to play a flat level lawn is ideal in most gardens.
- Low maintenance gardens allow for a customer to limit upkeep. often encorporating weed fabric & gravels for this purpose 
- Decking is popular, alongside other timber products (I.e pergolas) as they provide a different option to stone based materials

- Fencing and trellises help create boundaries, whilst additionally providing a form of security and privacy to a garden.
- Timber sleepers are ideal for creating raised beds and planting areas 
- Ponds & water features add to a gardens natural asthetics, by providing both noise, and an environment for fish & wildlife.

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