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Mighty Oaks Landscaping Services has a series of professional experts that have been supplying the Derby, Rugeley, Cannock, Sutton Coldfield, Stafford and Walsall areas with block paving, tarmac, concreting and gravel driveways in the Derby area for numerous years. The business prides itself on the quality and efficiency of our work in all our practices. We can offer a free quotation and help plan driveways for all of our customers.

When considering a new driveway, there are a wide range of block paving products available in many colours and sizes, alongside edgings and cobbles, which help customers have the option of a vibrant driveway being created. We are also experienced in tarmac drives, which can have block paviour edgings to help resonate the driveways quality look. Another common option, and an alternative that is more economical in relation to driveways, is that of using gravel or chipping as a top finish. Concreting is another option where a large concrete block can be set so that additional parking can be created for a more economical option than tarmac, whilst giving a firmer base than gravel or slate.. All of our driveway options are professionally done and laid onto the recommended compacted stone base. In addition to this service, we also offer driveway pressure washing to restore both old and dirty drives back to there former glory.

Block Paving

Block paved driveways are an excellent option to enhance the look of a properties driveway, whilst also having a practical use that encorporates a nice outlook on an access to a property, whilst additionally creating an area where a vehicle, decorative items, or an element of furniture can reside. There are an extensive range of block paving products available that allow for a customer to select one which best suits their needs. There are a series of styles discussed below, which allow for us to create a pattern for any property.

Random course driveway block paving designs use different sizes of blocks which are laid at random. However, in their creation, it is important to avoid cross joints which can draw the eye to a specific point in the design. When a customer considers this option, we recommend having a look at Marshalls Drivesett Savanna block paving as it is ideally suited to this type of driveway pattern and will allow you to see this pattern in its full light.

Stretcher bond patterns are the simplest offset block paving pattern and is also known as a running bond or half bond. The joints are offset by exactly half the width of the block.

Herringbone patterns encorporate an interlocking laying pattern which is used for all trafficked areas such as driveways. The interlock ensures that where vehicles are breaking and turning, blocks are not moved out of position. Common designs are laid at 45° and 90° angles. To give an idea of some block paving products that can be utilised in this metohd, we recommend looking at Driveline Vintage or Marshalls Driveline 50.


Tarmac drives are an effective method of creating parking areas on a property that are durable. We offer tarmac in standard black tarmac or red tarmac, with the option to encorporate stone chippings. We lay tarmac onto a compacted limestone type 1 base, with a minimum depth of 50ml base tarmac, and topping with a 10ml fine wearing coarse. We can also add forms of edgings to a driveways boundaries, using a block pavior or cobbles to enhance it further.

Concrete Block

Due to an extensive knowledge and experience, that we have gained from numerous driveway jobs in Derby, we consider a number of variables when installing concreted driveways which ensure our customers have a driveway that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and durable.


Usually concrete driveways are at least five inches thick, but in circumstances for heavier vehicles or where soil stability conditions are difficult, we can advise if a thicker concrete depth would be more suitable. We offer our customers the option to thicken new driveway edges, or make them deeper, as both options allow for additional strength and decrease the likelihood of cracking. In our practice, we recommend that these small footings/edgings are at least eight inches deep, and eight to twelve inches wide. With regards to structural strength, we can also reinforce newly concreted driveways by adding a mat of steel reinforcing bars. We can additionally install drainage channelings to help funnel water away from a property and into a suitable place.


After a newly concreted driveway has been produced, we advise that customers allow the concrete driveway to set for seven days to help it achieve its maximum strength, and therefore in this period it shouldn't see any useage.

Gravel, Slate & Chippings

There are numerous decorative aggregates that vary in sizes, which are available to use on drives and gardens, and suit all property types. Plum slate, white spar, golden gravel, green chippings and pea gravel name just a handful of these products, but are all a more cost effective way of creating a new driveway, and adversely can help with weed control in a gardens borders and planing areas, when combined with the use of weed fabric. All of our gravel drives are laid onto a compacted limestone type 1 base, with an option of weed prevention liners. In relation to this, edgings can also be installed in the form of a suitable cobble or block paviour to help contain the aggregate, and to enhance the look.

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