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Becoming Part Of The Team

Here at Mighty Oaks, we aim to combine ability and personal skills into a complete package throughout our workforce. This is because we are only interested in employing capable, confident, efficient workers that can maintain the standards the company sets out in its daily practice. Alongside this, we also pride ourselves on being able to sustain healthy customer relationships with our clients, and transitional personable skills carry over a long way towards this goal, as they ensure that our clients are not only happy with a job undertaken, but also know how valued they truly are. Therefore, if you are hard working, determined and have a positive attitude in your work practice, you will have all the necessary skills to build a positive career with us.


If you want to know more about employment within the company, and have relevant skills/experience in the landscaping or construction industry, or believe that you can add a new dimension to our workforce, please send a copy of your C.V by email to, noting any qualifications, skills, liscences and/or previous experiences that can be considered with your application.



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