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Brickworks & Garden Walls

Our qualified bricklayers can install sturdy foundations, and build all types of walling, whether double or single skinned walls, or natural stone features. In the creation, we can use a variety of brick types to fulfil a customers garden needs, or alternatively use decorative walling stone products from companies such as Bradstone or Marshalls. Our expertise in both natural rockery sandstone walls and standard bricks walls, allow us to create features that are fitting of any gardens requirements. We can also build retaining walls using standard bricks or block work to help reinforce a grounds firmness and maintain levels.

Walls can also have a capping or coping stone element placed atop of them, to further enhance the asthetics a garden wall portrays. We can lay brickwork in a series of bond types, ranging from stretcher, header, English, flemish and monk bonds.

Further information on these bond types can be found below, by following the links:

For further advice from Paving Expert, click here

For further advice from J.A.Harrison, click here

If you would like to research further information with regards to product ideas, you will find the links for Bradstone and Marshalls below:


To view Bradstone products, click here​

To view Marshalls products, click here

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