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Garden Clearence & Full Garden Tidy Ups

Our full garden tidy ups in the Derby area, provide an invaluable garden revival package as many of our customers find their circumstances have changed, with time often being diverted to other priorities in their life. Whether a garden has seen neglect due to age limitations, an injury, a recent addition to the family or work challenges, we are able to help. This service is one where a garden has suffered and looks unkept, requiring a full garden tidy up, which compounds many of our maintenance duties into one visit, such as shrub pruning, hedge trimming, mowin or even garden clearance. Ultimately the aim of this service is to restore a gardens integrity by transforming a jungle, back into a useable outdoor area and it’s surprising how basic pruning, lawn care and tidying up, can transform your garden, whilst additionally adding value to your house, and giving a ‘cared for’  presence to a property.

In relation to smaller clearence jobs, we understand that the course of time, many items can grow in a garden which are deemed undesirable, or items become old and have little useage factors. We have fully equipped teams that can dismantle features, or rip overgrowth, enabling the waste to be taken away. The types of garden waste we clear come in the form of trees, bushes, soil, turf, logs, plants and garden furniture. This duty enables a customer to save themselves from the laborious digging and dismantling processes involved within garden clearence, resulting in a tidy garden, whilst allowing for a more efficient use of spaces which are currently unavailable. 


Mighty Oaks can provide a demolition service for all unwanted garden items. Whether a patio, pathway, shed, greenhouse, deck or other feature has become undesireable, we can dismantle the feature and ensure the waste is one of a sizeable manner that can be easily disposed of through ourselves, or use of a skip hire company. We will provide customers with a free competitive quote, that is most cost effective solution to the client.

Waste Removal

At Mighty Oaks, we offer our clients a service to remove any green waste, alongside garden item materials and products. We will advise our customers whether it is best to use ourselves for this service, or use the form of a skip if the trade waste charges that we will be subject to, are of a greater cost to the client than a skip would be. When in imparting advise to our customers, we will give them the most cost effective way for the topic of waste removal, and advise if they are using a garden maintenance service, to contact the council and request a garden waste bin (brown bin in the Derby area) as this generally saves our customers a lot of money. To give an idea of costs for these bins, the Derby council state you will recieve 16 fortnightly collections over the season, costing £40 for your first bin and £20 for each additional bin. Alternatively a small brown bin option is available for a cost of £25 per annum if your garden produces only a small amount of compostable garden waste.

For further information on the topic of garden waste bin services in the Derby area, you can follow the link to their website here 

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